Find Out Why Cold Storage Containers are Ideal for Seafood Distributors

Cold storage containers are intended to be used almost continuously.  They can be loaded with fresh seafood for a new destination soon after having emptied its previous cargo.  They can also be used for on-site processing. Cold storage containers are great for fresh or frozen fish and seafood items that must be stored and maintained at a specific temperature for storage and transportation.

A successful distributor must excel in all varieties of seafood. You must have the ability to process and provide an assortment of fresh and frozen fish and other seafood to your customers.

By having expedient access to add-on or on-site cold storage, you can beat your competitors and provide “high grade”, quality seafood.

By providing high quality seafood to your customers, it enables them to do the same for their customers.  High quality seafood products are the goal of any grocery store, market, hotel, restaurant or café.  For those places that choose to offer and serve seafood and fish, it is essential to have the best product possible. Unless the restaurant or store is located near the ocean or large body of water, they have to work with distributors and wholesalers to receive their products.

You must have the ability to keep your product cold or frozen as soon as possible after it reaches your facility.  Our cold storage containers allow you to be more flexible with your inventory.  They can help eliminate the need for operating out of a dedicated distribution center or making costly capital expenditures on walk-in coolers or freezers.

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