Holiday Inventory?

Keep it Cool. Keep it on hand. Keep the profits.

Holiday seasonal rush is around the corner and in this tough times, you don’t want to lose sales! On-site  inventory storage is a great solution to a more lucrative season. Get on site inventory storage  – a great solution for a variety of logistics, distribution and supply chain issues with portable refrigerated storage containers.

Benefits of Portable Refrigerated Storage (PRS):

Inventory Management
You have immediate inventory management solutions. PRS offers convenient storage that holds and balances inventory according to market and seasonal fluctuations. You load and unload to meet your varying requirements.  Using PRS secure containers increases control while decreasing loss due to damage and shrinkage.

Flexible Storage
Be it seasonal, temporary or on-demand storage, portable refrigerated storage containers or trailers are flexible storage solution can meet your unique needs. We offer different container sizes as well as secure on-site placement. No large up-front capital investment is required thus enabling fast response and deployment. You choose the amount of storage based on your projections.


Onsite storage will reduce multiple handlings and freight expense between your vendors and/or warehouse. Using a PRS container allows you to load and unload at your convenience without scheduling and staffing concerns.  With predictable pricing from state to state, you can establish costs and revenues with better accuracy. Our dedicated fleet ensures access to capacity and supports both individual and continuous moves.

Customer Service
Customized solutions tailored to meet your business’s special transportation and storage requirements.  Dedicated customer service agents provide exceptional service quality from the only national provider of our kind.

PRS containers allow your business to focus on what it does best and leave the logistical challenges to us! Reallocate your resources to improve your productivity and sales while improving your asset utilization. Tap into our extensive network and expertise to take “links” and dollars out of your supply chain. Save money, reduce cost and loss and increase your holiday revenues.

For a detailed proposal on how PRS can support your logistics and supply chain initiatives contact us and let us make your holiday season a great one.

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