Electric vs. Diesel Refrigerated Containers

Easier on the Environment and Cost up to 43%* Less to Operate

Electric powered refrigerated containers (reefers) cost less, and are easier to operate than diesel refrigerated containers. Cold storage trailers running on electric power are a low maintenance, environmentally friendly alternative to diesel powered cold storage units. Diesel powered containers are loud and require constant refueling making their operation and maintenance more difficult and costly.

Diesel engine exhaust is the most potent carcinogen (cancer causing substance) in air pollution according to the Environmental Defense Fund. It also has the potential of causing health problems. Once the backbone of American Commercial Vehicles, diesel operated engines are being replaced as new commercial vehicles are retrofit to meet new environmental standards, ultimately reducing air pollution.

Electric powered containers run on either 230 V or 460 V Three-Phase power and are equipped with Carrier TM refrigeration systems. Each Carrier TM system is equipped with new “microprocessor technology”. The containers act as insulated dry vans with built in refrigeration units. Units keep perishable items cold or frozen at your site, while maintaining temperatures below 0 and up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Portable Refrigeration Storage delivers refrigerated units on a tilt bed trailer for ground level storage or on wheels (trailer type) at dock height. Units are insulated and have T-bar aluminum flooring rated for fork lift traffic and are equipped with lockable double doors for easy access. The flooring system provides maximum airflow technology.

Portable Refrigeration Storage can help you weigh your options whether renting or buying, and show you how utilizing an electric powered refrigerated unit can save you money. See sample price comparisons at refrigerated containers.

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