What size container do you need?

Here are some tips for picking the right fit.

Now that you have decided you need a refrigerated container, size is the next question. There are some basic questions you can ask yourself that will help you to choose the right size.

First, what is a refrigerated container?

Refrigerated containers are actually shipping containers that are able to control temperature and thus allow all sorts of different products (food, chemicals, paint etc) to travel across the country, world, or sit on location. The “refrigerated container” name can be a bit misleading as the temperature can be controlled within a range of below 0°F to 75°F depending on the product requirements. Sometimes they are referred to as reefer containers or ambient temperature containers. Whatever you call them, they come in 2 sizes: 20ft and 40ft.

Storage containers have become a very popular means of providing extra space, outbuildings, short term and long term storage solutions. Most small businesses, contractors and residential users choose 20′ containers since they provide access take up less space and do not require as much room for delivery as the 40′ containers. 40′ models provide almost three times as much storage space but also require three times as much space to deliver. It is also important to check with your city or county to make sure there is not a container size restriction in your area.

These units are specifically designed for outdoor use but can just as easily be placed inside your warehouse for indoor use. They are extremely rugged and well suited for harsh environments.

Four important questions to ask before deciding to rent or buy a container:

  • How long will you need the container?
  • Is the location adequate to host the container?
  • How much space do you need?
  • How much weight can the container hold?

Here are some charts on containers to help you decide:

Once you have all the answers to your needs regarding use, location, length and logistics, then the right container is delivered to your location and you can immediately put it to use. Most of the containers are ground level. You can simply open the doors and walk in to the unit.

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