Benefits of Portable Event Trailers

If you have a need for on-site cold storage, it is time to consider the benefits of portable refrigeration storage. It is very common for event planners to run into problems at venues when they have a limited amount of space to store food, ice or flowers. When there is limited space, the event planners must come up with a solution quickly to prevent the food from spoiling or the decorative flowers from wilting. The last thing a professional planner wants to deal with is an issue with on-site portable cold storage. Refrigerated event trailers are the best solution for event coordinators, florists, designers and food vendors. Review the benefits of renting portable refrigeration storage and make the right choice for the sake of your event and your reputation.

Can Be Transported to a Location of Your Choosing

The primary benefit of utilizing on-site portable cold storage is the fact that the trailer can be transported anywhere. What if your on-site cooler goes down and you need to transfer your items to a new location? We can deliver the portable trailer directly to the new location and provide you with a place to keep those items fresh until your event begins. The benefit of portability can save you time and money.

The More Affordable Option

If your cold storage requirements are not year round, you should consider the benefits of renting a portable refrigerated trailer. The trailer can be delivered to your location during the times you need additional cold storage. You would avoid the costly up-front expenditure of a static cooler/freezer on-site. Investing in static cold storage can be quite cost prohibitive, especially if you don’t have a year round need. You would also not lose the valuable space on-site that a permanent cooler would occupy.

Electric Trailers Will Help Cut Down on Operational Costs

Most static trailers or refrigerated trucks require diesel fuel. Our portable refrigerated trailers are electric and can plug directly into a standard 115V outlet. It is truly no contest when comparing the cost savings between electric trailers as opposed to diesel trucks or trailers. Your time is valuable as well. You won’t have to waste your time to bring the refrigerated truck to and from your location. We will deliver your electric trailer right to your site and we’ll pick it up when you’re done. Not only are our electric refrigerated trailers more cost effective, they are also much quieter than the noisy diesel trucks and trailers.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to renting on site portable cold storage. If you are looking for the best refrigerated storage options at the best price, visit – When it comes to cold storage solutions, Portable Refrigeration Storage has the experience and the friendly staff that can help make your event or your operation a success.

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