Keeping Products Cold in the Summer Heat: Cold Storage Solutions

For businesses with temperature-sensitive products, cold storage is an asset for success. Storing items at their proper temperature in climate-controlled areas can extend the life of your product; saving money and ensuring optimal product quality. Not only are our cold storage units a convenience for businesses but they are friendly to the environment as well.

On-site portable cold storage brings enumerable benefits to companies that handle perishable goods. Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers refrigerated containers, refrigerated trailers and portable walk-in coolers and freezers that are entirely electric. They are a quieter, environmentally safer and a more cost effective alternative to diesel powered units. The walls of each unit are fully insulated, so less energy is required to maintain a particular low temperature. Durable T-rail flooring also allows for pallet jacks or forklifts to load and unload products to and from the storage units, simplifying the transfer of goods. The doors lock as well, giving companies a sense of safety and security. Our units are mobile, allowing us to deliver the refrigerated containers, trailers and walk-ins directly to your location. Dock level and ground level storage options are available for purchase or rent…either short-term or long-term.

Portable Refrigeration Storage has walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers that rely on merely 220V power to operate. Most small businesses, retail and commercial locations are equipped with the necessary power on-site to handle this type of unit. The 20’ walk-ins fit in a standard parking space, taking up minimal space on-site. The temperature can easily be adjusted to maintain your frozen or refrigerated product; ensuring safety and quality for your consumers. On-site cold storage is also beneficial as your product is conveniently available to you when needed. Refrigerated storage containers and walk-in coolers have durable exteriors to handle the harshest of outdoor conditions. They are appropriate for indoor cold storage purposes as well. A business may place a storage unit wherever it’s convenient, free of worry regarding the safety of its internal contents.

Atlanta cold storage is quite convenient for businesses in need of short-term or long-term cold storage. Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers various types of cold storage solutions. We have the ability to deliver our portable refrigerated units throughout Metro Atlanta, as well as all of Georgia.

Other than food storage, many chemical distributors, manufacturers and suppliers must keep their products in a temperature controlled environment. Pharmaceutical companies also rely on cold storage to conserve vaccines, medicines and other drugs in order to maintain safety for their consumers.

Whether your product needs to be refrigerated or frozen, PRS offers several options in the way of on-site portable cold storage. Your product is the backbone of your business. Providing your customer with the product they expect is essential. Utilizing one of our refrigerated containers, refrigerated trailers, walk-in coolers or walk-in freezers can aid in ensuring the quality, safety and freshness of your product. Let Portable Refrigeration Storage be your on-site cold storage solution!

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