Portable Refrigeration for Temporary Storage

Portable cold storage is a necessity for businesses that provide perishable or temperature sensitive products. The experts at Portable Refrigeration Storage have the solutions that can fit your specific requirements. Our portable cold storage units are available for short term or long term refrigerated storage applications.

Cold storage is an extremely important aspect of the global food supply as well as other perishable and temperature sensitive cargo. Utilizing portable cold storage for temporary refrigeration of your product can mean success and growth for your business.

Temporary Cold Storage Options

Refrigerated Containers

Portable Refrigeration Storage offers refrigerated containers for rent or purchase. Refrigerated containers are also referred to as reefer containers. They are available in 20’ and 40’ lengths. They are portable and sit directly on the ground. The refrigerated containers can be placed outside your building or inside your warehouse to satisfy just about any cold storage requirement. A 20’ Refrigerated Container is perfect for small businesses and will fit in a standard parking space. Our 40’ Refrigerated Containers are suited for bulk storage of perishables and temperature sensitive products.

Refrigerated Trailers

Unlike the refrigerated containers, our Refrigerated Trailers are on wheels and can be utilized for loading and unloading of dock level cold and frozen cargo. The refrigerated trailers are also available in 20’ and 40’ lengths. The flooring is an aluminum t-rail construction and is capable of handling fork lift and pallet jack traffic. They are ideal for your palletized product. The 20’ Refrigerated Trailers can hold up to 8 standard pallets (side by side, single stacked). The 40’ Refrigerated Trailers can hold up to 18 standard pallets (side by side, single stacked).

All of our refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are equipped with reliable Carrier electric refrigeration machines. The electric refrigeration machines eliminate the need for messy diesel fuel and are environmentally friendly. Whether your cold storage requirement is temporary or long term, you can rely on PRS to provide a solution that will suit your needs!

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