Refrigerated Containers - A Cost Effective Option for Cold Storage

Refrigerated shipping containers are purpose-built to transport climate controlled goods overseas in bulk.  However, over the last decade, refrigerated containers have become very popular for domestic cold storage applications.  

Over the years, a strong emphasis has been placed on making the refrigerated containers more dependable and efficient.  Carrier™ is an industry leader on this front. As of 2017, Carrier™ is reporting that their machinery coming off line is 30% more efficient than 10 years prior.   Portable Refrigeration Storage is proud to offer a rental fleet of refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers, all equipped with Carrier™ machinery.

Our two most popular sizes are 20’ refrigerated rental containers and 40’ refrigerated rental containers.  

If you are looking to rent a refrigerated container for on-site cold storage, efficiency should be one of the main factors when making your decision.

Some facts:

  • The larger the volume of goods in the container the lower the energy consumption.
  • Power consumption is strongly influenced by door openings and good user discipline to minimize heat gain through open doors
  • Due to fast pulldown, savings with modern machines are even greater when doors are often opened.
  • Economy Mode™ is available on most our units and can be selected at chill temperatures (depending on your application).

The two models of Carrier™ machines that we utilize in our fleet are the ThinLINE™ and PrimeLINE™.  We have had great success with these two models. 

Take a look at some of the great feedback we’ve received from our customers.

Portable Refrigerated Storage provides short and long term refrigerated solutions throughout the Southeast and Midwest United States.  We also have service areas located in Dallas, TX and San Antonio, TX. Call us today if you have questions regarding our products or need a detailed quote to suit your application.  

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