Refrigerated Storage- Do I Need It?

Are you collector, do you run a gallery or a special storage facility? Here’s some information on the most common collectibles and how they benefit from refrigerated storage.

Art and Paintings

How to make art last for centuries? Sometimes it is necessary to store art and paintings in proper climates. Doing so can prevent fading, discoloring or cracking. These things can happen if the pieces are exposed to extreme light, heat or cold. Refrigerated or temperature controlled storage can help safeguard them and extend their longevity.

Using refrigerated or temperature controlled storage can help protect and maintain the value and condition of your art collection. Different types of paintings (oil or canvas) can benefit from being stored in a temperature controlled environment.

Furniture Storage

There are three basic types of furniture storage – dry storage/not temperature controlled storage, air conditioned storage and climate controlled storage.

Dry storage is usually the most affordable; however your furniture can become damaged due to extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Air conditioned storage is best if you live in a hot climate with low humidity and relatively seasonal winters. It may not be ideal if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters.

The best type of storage for furniture is climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage (within a specific temperature range), may also provide humidity control as well. Climate controlled storage can aid in extending the life of your furniture, as well as save on furniture repair costs and possible furniture replacement costs.


Textiles that are displayed in both homes and public buildings are subject to deterioration by many environmental factors. High temperatures, excessive heat and high humidity accelerate the deterioration of textiles. They factor in contributing to a desirable climate for insects, mold and mildew.Textile collections (costumes to quilts) in museums and galleries need protection from deterioration. Temperature controlled storage makes it possible. Textiles like a buffalo robe, furs or feathers also benefit from cooler temperatures. Wool as a material does better in cooler temperatures as well.

Generally all textiles are safe in colder or cooler environments as they have a tendency to deteriorate more quickly.

When considering how to store or preserve your valuables…consider using a refrigerated storage container. Money spent up front may save you money down the road!

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