I would like to rent one of your units. What areas do you service?

Our refrigerated containers and trailers are available for delivery to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. We are also able to service outlying areas for long term rental applications.

What size units do you have available?

Our walk-in coolers are 20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H. Our ground level refrigerated containers and dock level refrigerated trailers are 20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H & 40’L x 8’W x 9’6”H. We also offer larger 53’ refrigerated trailers in some areas. They are 53’L x 8’6”W x 9’6”H.

Do you offer ground level and dock level units?

Yes. We have both available. Our 20’ and 40’ units are available for ground level and dock level storage. Our 53’ trailers are dock level units only.

What types of doors do your units have?

They have lockable double doors on one end. Our walk-in coolers have one large 4’ door on one end. Our 20′ refrigerated containers have “easy open” double doors on one end (although some are equipped with standard cargo doors on one end). Our 40′ refrigerated containers and trailers are equipped with heavy duty cargo doors on one end. We also have 40’ and 53’ trailers with roll up doors in some areas.

What temperature are your units capable of maintaining?

Our walk-ins are capable of maintaining temperatures between 0˚F and 40˚F. Our refrigerated containers and trailers capable of maintaining temperatures below 0˚F and up to 75˚F. They can go as low as -20˚F, depending on how much product is being stored and usage.

I noticed your units are electric. What type of power is required?

Our walk-ins require 220V single phase power and a dedicated 30 amp circuit. Our refrigerated containers and trailers are dual capable. They require either 230V or 460V 3-Phase power to operate. If you are utilizing a 230V power source, a dedicated 50 amp circuit is required. If you are utilizing a 460V power source, a dedicated 25 amp circuit is required. Our 53’ refrigerated trailers are also dual capable. However, if you are utilizing a 230V power source, a dedicated 60 amp circuit is required. If you are utilizing a 460V power source, a dedicated 30 amp circuit is required.

Do you offer repair/maintenance service on your units?

Yes. We offer “as needed” repairs as well as preventative maintenance on our rental units. Provided the repairs are due to normal wear and tear, there is no additional cost to you. Our preventative maintenance package is also part of your monthly rental rate. We will perform preventative maintenance one time in six months or two times in twelve months.

How much of an increase can I expect on my electric bill each month?

The increase is determined by several factors. They are – The set point of the unit, how much product you have inside the unit, the outside air temperature, how often the doors are opened each day, your power supply as well as the cost per kilowatt hour for your electricity. Considering all of these factors, we’ve had customers tell us they’ve experienced an increase of approximately $150.00 to $300.00 per month. The monthly electrical charges are approximately 1/5 the cost of operating a diesel unit.

Are your units difficult to operate?

All of our units have digital push button controls and are very easy to operate.

If I wanted to purchase, are your units available for sale?

Yes. We do have refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers for sale. Please contact us for availability.

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