Refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers provide amazing benefits. From great cost savings to extending the shelf life of your product…They help maintain the quality of everything from food and beverages to chemicals and vaccines.

Food Distribution
The challenge of storing perishable cargo is directly impacted by how long the cargo can/needs to be preserved.
Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and ready-made meals are perishable products that would degrade quickly if not preserved in the proper environment. Refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are a successful means of preserving food products until they reach the consumer.

Medical & Pharmaceuticals
To ensure that vaccines remain safe and effective, they are typically stored in a strict temperature controlled environment. Everything from plasma to diagnostic kits and lab samples to drugs, often require cold storage to maintain the integrity of the product. Many of these products must be stored in a manner that prevents exposure to temperatures outside of their recommended tolerance. Refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are a perfect solution.

Temperature controlled storage is vital for many chemicals and chemical products. Storing chemicals at the proper temperature can help ensure quality and safety levels. If your product requires cold storage, consider a refrigerated container or refrigerated trailer as the solution.

Beer & Wine
Depending on whether you are storing wine or beer, you can choose the exact temperature that works best for your product. The constant temperatures that bring benefits to your brews are totally controllable in our portable cold storage, maximizing the lifespan of the wine or beer. Darkness and humidity are easy to control with our portable refrigeration storage. Strong ultraviolet rays may penetrate the wine bottles and lead the tannins to oxidize, while beer is also damaged by heat. Both concoctions call for a place cold and dark to sit and age (or wait to be sold).

Seafood Distributor
Whether your seafood is fresh or frozen, you definitely can’t run the risk of your product not being stored at the proper temperature. It is imperative for food products (especially seafood) to be stored in a clean and temperature controlled environment. Not only will our units maintain the desired set point that is required by your valuable product, but they are easily accessible as well. We can help you grow your business with our on-site portable walk-in coolers, refrigerated containers, and trailers.

Commercial Kitchen Remodeling
Are you getting ready to expand or remodel your commercial kitchen? If so, you’re going to need a temporary freezer or temporary cooler to keep your food from spoiling. Whether you need a ground level unit or a dock level unit on wheels, we can deliver a refrigerated container, walk-in cooler or refrigerated trailer directly to your site. Not only will our units keep your product cold or frozen, but the product will still be at your site. You won’t have to worry about driving off-site to get your product and your business can operate as usual.

Refrigerated Container & Refrigerated Trailer Applications
Inventory Overflow Storage Wine & Vintner Storage
Commercial Kitchen Remodels Food & Beverage Distribution
Farming, Agriculture & Ranch Storage Produce
Chemical Supply & Manufacturing Seafood Wholesale
Resins & Polymers Field Research Storage
Environmental & Geotechnical Projects Medical, Biomedical & Pharmaceuticals
Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers Vaccines

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