How Portable Refrigeration Will Help Store Your Wine and Beer

Wine & Beer

Refrigerated containers are an excellent alternative to costly, purpose-built walk-in freezers or cellars. These containers are portable and can be delivered to your location and ideal for beer and wine that has to be stored and maintained at specific temperatures.

Wine and many beers benefit from extended aging. We’re not talking about your average beer with a mere shelf life of 3-6 months but beers that beg for maturation and strict storage like vintage beers, barleywines, imperial stouts, Belgian strong ales, lambics, old ales and so on. Ideally, any type of beer that can be laid-down for a year or two, or even more, in order to build a slew of complexities and thus further its character in a positive way. Wine and beer need storage that is dark, cool, humid, free from vibrations, and a cold storage unit can duplicate that!

Wine and Beer Storage and Serving Temperatures
A cool temperature ranging from 55 – 57 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be optimal for the biochemical development that occurs as fine wines mature. Beer benefits from cool constant temperatures; usually around 50-55 degrees F is ideal for most beers. Higher temperatures and you’ll risk shortening the lifespan of your wine and beer.

Ultraviolet rays penetrate wine bottles and cause the tannins to oxidize, resulting in irreparable damage to fine wine. And beer is best away from direct light, and sources of heat.

Maintaining the right humidity of 50-70% inside the storage container is important for the optimal storage and aging of wine and beer. When conditions are too dry, the corks (both beer and wine) can become brittle and shrink, thereby allowing wine inside the bottle to oxidize. When conditions are too humid, wine and beer labels can become damaged and mold can grow inside the cabinet.

Environment & Vibration
Clean air is vital for the preservation and storage of wine and beer, when the “cellar doors” are closed, the environment is sealed to protect and preserve the beer and wine inside. And it minimizes the movement of the bottles while they are being stored and aged.

Lastly just like wines, some beers age very well, others don’t. Some beers need only a year, while others can age for 25+ years. A portable storage storage container can be converted into a great wine and beer cellar. Best of all, you can buy it for long term storage or lease for a temporary solution.

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