Keep Your Produce Fresh and Save Money

If you sell produce, it is mostly likely temperature sensitive and very perishable. It’s important to offer your buyers a fresh product. You can do so by finding an effective temperature controlled storage option for your seasonal and year round produce.

Have you considered a refrigerated storage container or refrigerated trailer? If not, it may just be the ideal cold storage method to store your produce. Our electric units are a more cost effective option than diesel trailers. Our refrigerated storage containers and refrigerated trailers can be utilized at ground level or on wheels at dock level.

Because our refrigerated containers and trailers are mobile, we are able to deliver directly to you. They are perfect for on-site static storage. They provide a safe and secure storage option for your valuable product. Shelving can easily be added to the interior as well. This will allow you to segregate your product more easily and keep track of your inventory.

Our refrigerated containers and trailers are also a great alternative versus building a walk-in or renovating your facility. They can be placed outside your building or right inside your warehouse. If for some reason you should relocate your business, our units can go with you.

A refrigerated storage container or trailer is a versatile, mobile and reliable cold storage option. They can be utilized in a number of different ways to ensure the proper storage or your produce. Storing your perishable goods has never been easier. Give yourself more options and flexibility with an electric refrigerated storage container or trailer.

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