Cold Storage for Meat Products and Meat Processing

In the food industry, meat suppliers and butchers need to be able to freeze and store large quantities of meat. The worldwide consumption of meat has put a demand on the producers to supply high volume orders to supermarkets and shops. Cold storage is essential in order to provide a safe and quality product. Our refrigerated containers and cold storage containers are available for rent or purchase.

Refrigerated containers and cold storage refrigeration equipment can be used to:

• Permanently store products
• Temporarily store products while the normal cold storage equipment is being cleaned or repaired
• Store overflow product during peak season
• Keep goods cool for a special order

Cold storage is also essential for meat processors. We are able to service most of the Southeast on a rental basis. Our cold storage containers and refrigerated containers can be utilized by deer processors during hunting season. The cold storage containers and refrigerated containers are available in 20’ and 40’ lengths. They sit directly on the ground making it easy to access and store your product.

The benefits of renting refrigerated storage containers or cold storage containers during hunting season are:

• The unit is available at your location. No wasted time traveling to an off-site cold storage facility
• The units are lockable for secure storage of your product
• Only pay for the unit as long as you need it. When the season is over, have the refrigerated container or cold storage container picked up.

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