The Electric Advantage: Electric Refrigerated Containers and Trailers vs Diesel Trailers

Electric Powered Refrigerated Containers are actually shipping containers that have been insulated and furnished with an electric cooling system. Refrigerated containers allow for a multitude of products, from medicines/vaccines to fresh fruit/vegetables to be stored at specified temperatures. While commonly referred to as a refrigerated trailer, they actually have the capacity to sustain temperatures below 0°F and up to 75°F. The temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the product being stored.

The portable refrigerated storage container or portable refrigerated storage trailer can be used outdoors or indoors. They are delivered to the premises where they can be used for ground level storage or on wheels for use at dock level. Alternatively, they can be used inside a warehouse for cold storage indoors. They provide safe storage for numerous cold storage applications. Because they are portable, they can easily be transported from site to site for use at different locations should the need arise.

Refrigerated trailers are available with either electric refrigeration or diesel powered refrigeration. In many cases, a diesel trailer can be beneficial…especially if the required electricity is not available or portability is a key factor for the delivery of your product. However, if the power is available and you plan to utilize the refrigerated trailer for static storage, an electric refrigerated trailer is more cost effective in most applications. The electric powered units operate more quietly, are more environmentally friendly and are less expensive to run over the long term.

A portable electric refrigerated storage trailer offers many benefits. In addition to being easy to operate, it hardly requires any maintenance. These trailers make on-site storing needs very simple and are available on a permanent or seasonal basis. The refrigerated trailers are available in both 20 ft and 40 ft sizes. They can be placed directly on the ground for easy walk up access or on wheels and backed up to your loading dock.

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