Electric Refrigerated Containers &€“ The Green Solution in Refrigeration

Whether one believes in climate change or not, it is safe to say that being conscious of what we are emitting, throwing in a landfill and overusing (renewable resources) is an important topic today. As more industries transition into being more environmentally friendly, the consumer now has more options of what to purchase and the impact that product will have on the environment. An example of extreme product progression that is safer for the environment is electric refrigerated shipping containers. There are three components of electric refrigerated containers that reduce the impact on the environment; energy source, the type of insulation and type of compressor.


Electric Refrigerated Shipping Containers obviously run on electricity. The competing refrigeration units (typically trailers) in our industry are diesel powered. As most know, electricity is safer for the environment than diesel fuel. However, for those who are not aware’€¦hopefully we can shed some light as to why this is the case. Electricity does not emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere as diesel refrigerated trailers do. Diesel exhaust consists of a mixture of thousands of gases and fine particles that contain toxic air contaminants. In addition to its harmful effects to the environment, diesel is a non-renewable resource. Raw material is pulled from the earth and distilled to create diesel fuel. The raw material does not sufficiently renew itself at a rate where consumption is less than renewal. This is a non-existent issue with electric refrigeration.


It is easy to see that exhaust released from burning diesel fuel is harmful to the environment because its effects are visual’€¦but what about the materials used to build and operate the refrigerated shipping containers? As mentioned before, the insulation used in electric refrigerated shipping containers is non-ozone depleting. The foam insulation used has a smaller and far denser cell structure than standard insulation (ensuring that your product will be well insulated and kept at the proper temperature).


Our electric refrigerated containers are equipped with electric Carrier’„¢ refrigeration machines. Carrier prides themselves on providing a superior cooling system. It is a refrigeration unit that is not only energy efficient but safer for the environment as well. The ThinLine model (the model we use in our refrigerated containers) is equipped with a non-ozone depleting HFC-134a 06D semi-hermetic compressor. Carrier increased the compressor stroke in this model, enabling it to supply the maximum amount of refrigerant. This provides the full capacity required to support the most demanding pull-down requirements. Designed to handle the rigors of container refrigeration, the 06D has become the standard throughout the refrigerated container industry.

The next time you have the need for on-site cold storage, consider doing your part and utilizing an electric refrigerated container. They are the green cold storage solution!

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