Concrete Curing and Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated storage is necessary in more applications than you might think. An example that you may not be aware of…is concrete. Curing concrete is the process by which concrete dries and hardens. It requires maintaining a constant temperature and moist environment. These two aspects are crucial in increasing strength, decreasing permeability, and reducing the potential for cracks.

Utilizing a refrigerated storage container is one of the ways by which these imperative steps of concrete curing can be achieved. However, for this application our units are not used in the traditional sense of refrigeration or cold storage. They are capable of maintaining temperatures as high as 75 deg F. They are utilized to create more of a temperature controlled environment as opposed to a cooling or freezing the product. They provide a place for the concrete to harden to its necessary strength. Most of the process spans about four weeks, although the strengthening process can take decades. Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers various solutions for regulating temperatures in this manner.

There are many situations in which using concrete is essential—it’s the most used manmade material in the world, used twice as much as the total of all other building materials. Additionally, concrete can be used to create durable and energy-efficient buildings—not to mention its vitality for structures holding tons of weight such as parking garages or airport runways.

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.has provided on-site assistance to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport during the construction of a new runway. Our refrigerated containers were utilized in a staging area where our customer cured concrete cylinders. The cylinders were then transported from the staging/curing area to the actual runway. It’s pretty cool to think that our units helped make the new runway possible!

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. is a provider of electric-powered, temperature-controlled refrigeration units, with short and long-term rentals throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Our refrigerated trailers and containers are quieter, less expensive to operate, and safer for the environment than diesel powered trailers. Refrigerated storage is not only useful, but also necessary in more situations than you would expect. If you ever find yourself needing cold storage or temperature controlled storage, contact us today and get a quote.

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