Pharmaceuticals’ and Medical Product Storage You Can Count On

If there’€™s one setting where the right storage system is absolutely crucial, it’€™s that of pharmaceuticals and biomedical products. Storing blood, vaccines, and tissue samples with the incorrect conditions can he harmful and unsafe. Acquiring portable refrigerated storage gives you full control over the exact temperature of your storage and isolates the sensitive products.

Why do I need isolated refrigeration storage?

Without controlling the specific climate of the home of your medical products, you could render them not only useless, but also threatening. Your everyday household refrigerator may appear to suffice because it allows you to manually change the temperature, but for sensitive products, it’€™s truly not enough’€”especially when an average refrigerator lacks the security of specialized storage and can easily become vulnerable to frost buildup.

+ Climate Control

While your need for temperature control with these delicate items may seem like a no-brainer, there are many aspects of the storage climate which can’€”if not dealt with properly’€”have adverse affects on the state of your pharmaceuticals or other products. For example, humidity may need to be controlled, which is an option with some of our units.

+ Security

Our refrigerated containers are lockable. We also offer some additional locking mechanisms to ensure your product is kept safe. Expensive and powerful medical products or drugs need to be protected, because every stolen product means money lost’€”you’€™re not just storing yesterday’€™s leftovers. You could be storing blood samples or delicate drugs that you are not in a position to lose.

+ Longevity

If you are unsure of the length of time you will need a refrigerated container for your pharmaceutical or medical product needs, no worries’€”that’€™s why we offer rentals. You only pay for the time you keep the unit (provided your minimum rental term is satisfied). We also sell new and used units as well.

+ Options

We offer both ground level and dock level refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers. Not every location has enough loading dock space to park a unit and take up valuable dock space. We can drop one of our refrigerated containers right on the ground for you, making loading and unloading a simple task. However, if you prefer to drive directly into the unit with a forklift or pallet jack, we can easily back one of our refrigerated trailers at a loading dock entrance for you.

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc knows cold storage. We can help you with all of your medical storage needs. Talk to a refrigeration expert by calling 770-960-1844 or complete an online quote request. We’€™re happy to discuss the cold storage options we offer and find the right fit for you.

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