Using Refrigerated Containers for Storing Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

When storing pharmaceutical and biomedical products you can never be too careful. Any fluctuation in temperature or storing conditions can jeopardize the entire operation. Portable Refrigeration Storage is able to provide you with a cold storage solution to meet the unique requirements of your products.  Below are some factors that you can benefit from while using refrigerated containers -


The obvious benefit of the refrigerated containers is the regulation of temperature.  Our units are able to maintain a specific temperature, no matter the outside air temperature.  However, some of our units can regulate the humidity as well. We have refrigerated containers in our fleet that are able to maintain humidity levels as low as 50%.  Check with us when inquiring about your cold storage needs and we can discuss this with you in further detail.


You can never be too safe when storing sensitive materials.  All of our refrigerated containers are equipped with lockable double doors.

Rental Term:

Our refrigerated containers are available for both short term (1 mth minimum or 3 mth minimum, depending on the area) or long term rentals.  You can rent the unit month to month or sign up for something more long term and take advantage of a discounted rate. No matter the duration of the rental, we can work with you to satisfy your cold storage needs. We also sell both new and used units.  If you’d prefer to purchase, that’s always an option as well.


We offer both ground level refrigerated containers and dock level refrigerated trailers.  Depending on your needs, we can place a unit directly on the ground or on wheels at a loading dock.  

Storing sensitive materials is a game of exact numbers.  You can rest easy with Portable Refrigeration Storage. We offer reliable and secure cold storage solutions for just about any pharmaceutical or medical cold storage application.  Call our sales team at (888) 939-5820 or request a quote online.  We’ll keep your stuff cold!

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