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Refrigerated containers have been widely used by the beer industry for storage and production. However, let’s not forget about the benefits containers have for winemakers as well.

Bulk Storage 

The most obvious and practical use is for barrel storage. Both steel and oak barrels have to stay in a temperature-controlled environment and have very specific instructions on storage and maintenance. Since the maturing process can take months to years (depending on the wine), it is imperative that the barrels are in a safe environment. This also ensures that they are protected from the elements, which will preserve them for future use.  Whether you are a small winery or produce on a larger scale, our 20’ refrigerated containers, 40’ refrigerated containers, and dock level refrigerated trailers are all great options. 


You do not have to be a winemaker to enjoy the benefits of cold storage. Are you a local or regional distributor looking to grow your business?  No matter your size, we have multiple options to allow you to store your product in a safe and temperature controlled environment.  From our smaller walk-in coolers & freezers to our larger refrigerated containers and trailers, we have the answer for your on-site cold storage needs.  Units can be positioned on the ground or on wheels at a loading dock for easy access. 

For more information on refrigerated containers and trailers, give us a call at (888) 939-5820.  Let one of our knowledgeable team members assist you with selecting the right cold storage or temperature controlled storage option.  You can also submit an online quote as well.  

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