Diesel vs Electric

It is essential for many businesses to have large-scale, portable refrigeration or cold storage equipment on-site. Refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers are used to store a wide variety of products and materials.

Once you’ve decided upon utilizing a refrigerated container or trailer, your next decision is an important one. Ask yourself this question…Should I go with an electric refrigerated container/trailer or a diesel trailer? The simplest way to decide is to review the cost. The chart below details the cost savings of an electric unit as opposed to a diesel trailer.

Based on Low Monthly Usage (420 Hours) Based on High Monthly Usage (720 Hours)
Diesel Trailer: $2,370.00 Diesel Trailer: $3,420.00
Electric Container / Trailer: $1,525.00 Electric Container / Trailer: $1,695.00
Monthly Savings         $845.00 (35%) Monthly Savings         $1,725.00 (50%)
*Diesel trailer fees based on $900.00 per month rental fee, $2.50 per gallon of diesel fuel (usage of 1 gallon per hour) and $1.00 per engine run time hour *Electric fees based on $1,275.00 base per month rental rate and usage based on 6.5 kWh/hour @ $.09 per/kWh *On-highway diesel prices and average retail commercial price of electricity in cents per kWh for the Southeast are available online through the Energy Information Administration *Our refrigerated containers and trailers require either 230V or 460V 3-Phase power to operate efficiently.

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