Portable Refrigeration Storage Serving Valdosta, GA

For more than 25 years, Portable Refrigeration Storage has been serving Georgia with durable and reliable cold storage containers, trailers, and walk-ins. Our units are versatile enough for even the most temperature-sensitive cold storage needs. We have top-quality refrigerated storage containers, trailers, and walk-in coolers and freezers, available in Valdosta, GA and throughout the Southeast.

Our 40’ Refrigerated Containers and 40’ Refrigerated Trailers boast 2,832 cubic feet of temperature controlled, insulated space for our Valdosta customers. The set point can easily be adjusted on the Carrier™ system anywhere between 0°F and 75°F. They are available in Valdosta, Georgia for both dock level and ground level entry. They come standard with a heavy duty aluminum t-rail floor, rated for pallet jack and fork lift traffic

For businesses in Valdosta with smaller-scaled cold storage needs, we also offer more compact 20’ Portable Walk-In Coolers and Freezers. Equipped with a Heatcraft™ cooling system, they have temperature capabilities of 0°F to 40°F. These containers have 880 cubic feet of storage space–while still being able to fit inside a standard parking space. These are primed for “on-site” storage, like retailers and the food service industry. They are also NSF®-approved.

We offer “all electric” units, as they are far more efficient and cost effective than their noisy diesel counterpart. Electric units are eco-friendly, quieter, and easier on your wallet. If you have the available power on-site, an electric unit is a “no brainer”!

Established in 1988, Portable Refrigeration Storage always puts the customer first. We can illustrate these principles for you firsthand if you give us a call at 770-960-1844. Talk to a representative today and we’ll assist you in satisfying the cold storage requirements of your Valdosta-based business.

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