Portable Refrigeration Storage Serving Fort Wayne, IN

Portable Refrigeration Storage is Fort Wayne’s source for all portable refrigerated and cold storage solutions. We offer several convenient choices for on-site ground level and dock level cold storage. Our ground level 40′ refrigerated containers are capable of storing large quantities of product ranging from 0° to 75° Fahrenheit (depending on product requirements). Our dock level 40′ refrigerated trailers are perfect for the temporary cold storage of palletized product. The 20′ portable walk-in coolers are easy to transport direct to you and are NSF® approved for food storage. Portable Refrigeration Storage offers flexible options for all of Fort Wayne’s refrigeration needs.

All of Portable Refrigeration Storage’s temperature-controlled cold storage units are less expensive, “greener” (utilizing all-electric cooling systems), quieter and safer than diesel trailers. Whether you specialize in food service, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or any industry where cold storage is necessary, Portable Refrigeration Storage is the answer for businesses in Fort Wayne. We offer friendly customer service and a wide selection of refrigerated containers, trailers and portable cold storage units. They are available for sale and short or long term rentals.

Portable Refrigeration Storage Inc. is a division of Container Technology Inc. Founded in 1988, Container Technology Inc. has a staff with over 75 years combined experience in the storage container industry.

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