Portable Refrigeration Storage Serving Ames, IA

Portable Refrigeration Storage has specialized in on-site portable cold storage since it was founded in 1988. We pride ourselves in helping our customers find a cold storage solution, that will be a perfect fit to securely house your temperature sensitive items. With rental service in the Ames, Iowa area, PRS ensures our customers a reliable product and the customer service that you deserve.

PRS offers short term and long term rental of our 20′ portable walk in coolers and walk in freezers. These units are compact, yet they offer almost 1,000 ft of fully insulated cubic cold storage space. If you are in Ames and need cold storage, these NSF®-approved walk-ins are well-suited for storage of food & beverage products.  The walk in coolers and walk in freezers can be utilized at cooler temp or freezer temp and will only occupy a single (standard) parking space.  They are ideal for businesses that need convenient walk in access to your product.  

For customers in Ames looking for a little more cold storage space than the walk in coolers and freezers, our 40′ refrigerated containers and 40′ refrigerated trailers are the way to go.  PRS provides both ground level refrigerated containers or dock level refrigerated trailers on wheels.  Our equipment comes standard with all electric Carrier™ cooling systems that allow the temperature settings to be programmed and maintained for specific product requirements (below 0˚F to 75˚F). The refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers also come equipped with lockable double cargo doors and aluminum T-rail flooring, able to withstand forklifts and pallet jacks.

If you are in the Ames, Iowa area, looking for on-site cold storage, Portable Refrigeration Storage can help you find a cold storage solution for your temperature-sensitive items. Call 770-960-1844 or complete an online quote and let’s get started with your on-site cold storage unit!

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