Portable Refrigeration Storage Serving Cedar Rapids, IA

If you are in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and you are looking for the best quality “on-site” cold storage, look no further than Portable Refrigeration Storage. Founded in 1988, we are industry leaders in providing customers with the best on-site refrigerated storage solutions. With an inventory consisting of refrigerated containers, dock level refrigerated trailers, portable walk-in coolers & freezers...we are positive you will find what you are looking for at PRS.

PRS offers 40′ refrigerated containers and 40′ refrigerated trailers equipped with lockable double cargo doors and aluminum T-rail flooring (well suited to handle palletized product).  These large-scale “all-electric” cold storage units are ideal for companies in Cedar Rapids, needing to store mass quantities of temperature-sensitive items.  They can easily maintain temperatures below 0°F to 75°F and will keep your product both secure and fresh.

Especially popular with our Cedar Rapids customers in the foodservice industry, are our 20′ portable walk in coolers and walk in freezers. These units offer a compact, convenient, and insulated cold storage space and are NSF®-approved for food storage.  Capable of maintaining a temperature range between 0°F and 40°F, they are able to accommodate a wide variety of products. The walk in coolers and walk in freezers are perfect for easy-access to your perishable food & beverage items.

All of our cold storage equipment is 100% electric.  They are much quieter, more cost efficient, and are eco-friendly, as opposed to the diesel fuel alternative. When looking for on-site cold storage in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, our electric systems are the best units for the best price. With over 75 years of combined experience in the refrigerated storage industry, our team is your go to provider for on-site cold storage.  Complete an online quote or call today at 866-433-7356 and speak with us directly.  Let us help you KEEP YOUR STUFF COLD!.  

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