Portable Refrigeration Storage Serving Sioux City, IA

At Portable Refrigeration Storage, we are committed to providing our customers in Sioux City with the perfect product for your cold storage needs. We offer ground level refrigerated containers, dock level refrigerated trailers as well as ground level walk in coolers & freezers to accommodate your on-site cold storage requirements. We offer short term and long term rental options in the Sioux City, IA area and will deliver the unit right to your location.

20′ portable walk in coolers and walk in freezers are the perfect option for businesses in Sioux City interested in storing frozen or refrigerated food grade perishables.  They are NSF®-approved for food storage applications. Their compact size and portability make them versatile, as they can fit into smaller spaces (like a standard parking spot).  They are conveniently placed at your precise location and are easy to hook up. Our walk in coolers and walk in freezers are able to maintain a constant temperature between 0°F and 40°F.

We also provide 40′ Refrigerated Containers and 40′ Refrigerated Trailers to customers throughout Sioux City, Iowa for those needing larger on-site cold storage space. These units come standard with an “all-electric” Carrier™ cooling system. These refrigeration systems are a quieter, more cost effective, and green alternative to competing diesel powered units. Our refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers maintain a temperature below 0˚F to 75˚F.  They can be utilized for ground level cold storage or on wheels for dock level purposes.

Portable Refrigeration Storage has been supplying customers with reliable cold storage since 1988. We provide free repair service on our refrigeration equipment and offer flexible rental options for customers within the Sioux City, Iowa area. Call us today at 866-433-7356 or fill out a free online quote and let us help you with your on-site cold storage!

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