Portable Refrigeration Storage Serving Columbus, OH

When businesses in Columbus, Ohio need to store temperature sensitive and perishable goods, they depend on refrigerated storage to ensure their products are preserved at the necessary temperature required. Since 1988 Portable Refrigeration Storage has provided on-site refrigerated containers, refrigerated trailers and portable walk in coolers & freezers.

Portable Refrigeration Storage offers a selection of reliable portable refrigeration storage units to a wide variety of businesses in Columbus, Ohio. From food service to agricultural supplies and chemical supply to textile manufacturers, our portable refrigeration units are able to preserve and refrigerate goods for a various applications.

Our 40′ Refrigerated Containers and 40′ Refrigerated Trailers available in Columbus, Ohio are fully insulated and equipped with an environmentally friendly “all electric” Carrier™ refrigeration system. Capable of going below 0°F and up to 75°F, you can be sure that your product will be maintained at proper temperature. The durable t-rail flooring can withstand both fork truck and pallet jack traffic as well.

If your business needs temporary refrigeration or freezer space during a transition period or just additional on-site cold storage, we also offer 20′ Portable Walk In Coolers and Freezers in Columbus. The walk in coolers are equipped with the latest features to ensure your goods are preserved, such as a digital temperature gauge, a diamond tread plate floor and security bar on the door. They are able to maintain a constant temperature between 0˚F and 40˚F.

Our entire fleet is equipped with “all electric” cooling systems. They are not only cost effective, but less impactful on the environment. When businesses choose Portable Refrigeration Storage for their portable cold storage needs, they know that they’re helping to protect the environment around them (as well as saving money).

Whether you’re cold storage requirement is short term or long term, PRS will provide you with a reliable unit to ensure the integrity of your temperature sensitive products. Call us today at 866-433-7356 or use our request a Quote feature for more info.

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