Refrigerated Event Trailers: When to Rent, Why to Rent & How to Rent

At events where large groups of people are being fed, the supplier needs a way to keep the food fresh. This may seem like a small detail when planning an event, but if neglected, the meals could be completely ruined. Refrigeration is also necessary for live decorations like floral arrangements.

Rent a refrigerated event trailer and gain the simplest solution to these problems.

What is a refrigerated event trailer?

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.’s refrigerated event trailer consists of a trailer decked out with an “all-electric” refrigeration system that displays its temperature digitally. It is capable of maintaining temperatures between 10 degrees F and 35 degrees F, depending on your needs. Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.’s event trailers also come equipped with a…

– 50-foot power cord that plugs into a standard outlet

– light that turns on automatically with the opening of the doors

– “Easy Open” lockable doors on the back end

So when exactly would I need a refrigerated event trailer?

You can enjoy the necessary assistance of a refrigerated trailer in any event with food and ice, as it can act as either a cooler or freezer—the choice is yours.

Here are a few examples of when renting a refrigerated event trailer would come in handy and potentially save the day.


While different venues can range in amounts of accommodations, most lack adequate cold storage for the large groups of people that weddings need to feed. Some may not have any refrigerated space at all. To save yourself the headache of being left without a place to keep this huge and important meal properly refrigerated, bring in your own reinforcements by renting a portable refrigerated event trailer.

Weddings also present several other situations calling for refrigerated trailers—there is a definite need for ice, which can stay frozen through the help of a refrigerated trailer. Additionally, large-scale floral arrangements benefit greatly from (and sometimes require) cold storage.

Concessions Sales

At sporting events like baseball games, or recreational events like outdoor ice skating rinks, great profit can be made through the sale of concessions. What’s better than ice cream on a hot day or a refreshing soda to cool down after exercise? Both participants and crowds appreciate the opportunity to buy treats after a tiring activity or to help them enjoy an event as a spectator.

Concession sales, however, demand a way to keep goods cool and fresh so as to stay inside of health codes and keep customers pleased. This is where a portable refrigerated event trailer can help. Without bringing in a refrigerator or freezer, it’s impossible to sell some things. Make it easy and convenient by renting with Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc.

Restaurant Grand Openings

In the event of a restaurant opening for either the first time or again after a remodel, large crowds and specialized menus generally demand additional refrigerated space than their kitchens are made to accommodate. Save yourself from potentially wasting perishable food items by renting a refrigerated event trailer before your opening.

Increasing your refrigerated space will not only guarantee that your food remains fresh; it will also make room for spaced-out storage which can improve the presentation of the dishes—especially if you offer baked goods where the appearance of the dish sells itself. A refrigerated event trailer can ensure that nothing goes stale and everything stays appealing.

Click here for more situations that call for refrigerated event containers. Portable Refrigeration Storage can deliver event trailers to anywhere within the metro Atlanta area. If you’ll be hosting any special events or just need a small space to keep something cold anytime soon, call (678) 632-5975 or get a quote today.

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