Summer Heat Calls for Refrigerated Containers & Trailers

Hot weather gets people out of their houses—for both personal and business-related reasons. Although overlooked by many people, temperature-regulated storage becomes more and more pressing as the air grows warmer.

As summer ushers in warmer temperatures, having proper refrigerated storage becomes more and more important to local businesses and individuals. With brutal winters now a thing of the past, retail and food service companies enjoy business boosts during the warmer and more pleasant summer months. This can be due to increases in tourism, or simply local residents stepping outside more than during other seasons.

The time length of refrigerated storage needs can vary greatly, but Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc offers plenty of different leasing options to suit everyone. We can lease out our refrigerated trailers and storage units for months at a time—allowing customers to rent for as long as their needs require. We also offer refrigerated event trailers for short-term rental needs.

Increases in customer volume means increases in product demand, and when dealing with food, temperature regulation is almost always necessary. Potential temperature sensitivity is an important thing to consider with storage, even with regard to certain non-food-related storage needs. The ability to regulate the temperature can become absolutely crucial.

For those who know they’ll be needing cold storage only for a certain event, our refrigerated event trailers do the trick. Pleasant weather brings people together, and luckily our refrigerated event trailers are custom-made for groups or individuals needing movable storage. They are rentable on a daily basis, striking the chance of having to pay for any more time than you actually need the unit. Summer opens up the option for large family or company barbecues and outdoor events when a small cooler simply won’t suffice. They also work fantastically for larger-scaled events, like outdoor concerts, fairs, and other fundraising events.

Additional on-site refrigerated storage can be the saving grace when there simply isn’t enough room in your shop or outdoor venue to store everything, but don’t worry – we have you covered with leasing plans that suit a variety of different requirements. Contact Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc to get a quote now.

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc is a division of Container Technology, Inc, your go-to storage container provider throughout the United States. Servicing the Southeast with temperature-controlled, electric-powered refrigerated trailers and containers, Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc brings customers refrigerated storage that is quieter, more efficient, and less expensive to operate than diesel units.

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