Cold Storage: A Necessity in Wine and Beer Storage

In an industry where type the of storage plays an integral role in production, it’s important to consider your options—especially the ones that will make business more efficient and more convenient. The wine and beer industries are prime examples. Cold storage is a necessity. Portable Refrigerated Storage, Inc is in the business of ensuring that your valuable items stay at the proper temperature to maximize both their life and quality.

Beer brewers and winemakers around the nation employ cold storage to substitute for normal static cold storage, replacing large and expensive cellars and walk-in refrigerators with mobile refrigerated storage systems. The traditional storage means are used because of the unique environment required by wine and beer: air that is humid, dark, and cool.

Why portable refrigeration storage for wine and beer?

Unlike static storage options, portable refrigeration gives you complete control over the way the storage affects its contents. Depending on whether you are storing wine or beer, you can choose the exact temperature that works best. The constant temperatures that bring benefits to your brews are totally controllable in our portable cold storage, maximizing the lifespan of the wine or beer.

Darkness and humidity are easy to control with our portable refrigeration storage. Strong ultraviolet rays may penetrate the wine bottles and lead the tannins to oxidize, while beer is also damaged by heat. Both concoctions call for a place cold and dark to sit and age (or wait to be sold). The necessary level of humidity is easily achieved with our portable storage. It’s important not to be too dry or too wet. If too dry, corks might become brittle and shrink—and the wine could oxidize. Over-humidity might lead to damaged labels, or worse: cabinet mold. But fear not: our storage containers allow you to determine these levels.

In addition to these aspects of control, portable refrigeration storage provides another vital advantage. It’s completely portable, opening you up to the option of simple and easy relocation. This can be specifically helpful to winemakers and brewers when putting on special events, or in general if you ever need to change permanent sites.

Here are our offerings:

Walk-in coolers

Just because something is portable, it doesn’t have to be small! Our walk-in coolers can provide the convenience and accessibility of large underground cellars with the fantastic option of portability. NSF®-approved for food storage, our walk-in units include large security bars on their doors, plastic strip curtains behind the doors, emergency door release, and interior lighting. They’re completely electric-powered, an environmentally friendly system requiring 220V power sources.

Refrigerated containers

Also uniquely all-electric, our 20 and 40’ refrigerated containers or “reefers” are much safer for the environment than diesel-powered refrigeration units (while also working much more quietly). These containers are built to last: their t-rail floors can handle both fork lift and pallet jack traffic.

Trailers and event trailers

Depending on the length of time you’ll need a unit, we have a trailer for you that capitalizes on portability. They offer similar types of storage as refrigerated containers, yet are more easily movable. Event trailers are perfect if you are catering a special event or are traveling to a festival and know you only need the trailer on a daily basis.

If you’re ready to discover the best solution for beer and wine storage, contact Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc by calling 770-960-1844 now to discuss what type of cold storage fits your specific needs, or request a quote today.

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